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Orange Art Gallery 290 City Centre Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 613.761.1500 shop online
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Item #: jm0009


Oil on Canvas, 30" x 36", Framed

Price:   $  2,600.00

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Biography - John F Marok

Born in Montreal in 1960, John F. Marok graduated from John Abbott College and Concordia University with a special emphasis on painting. He is a recipient of the Queens Jubilee Medal, has been awarded Grants by the Canada Council and from Quebec's ministère de la Culture and has painted and completed research residencies in Europe and Canada. An accomplished, full-time painter, Marok has been working and exhibiting for 35 years.In 1980, Marok was jury selected at 19 years old (the youngest participant) for the 3rd Biennale of Quebec Painting, held at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal. The following year he was represented by the Grunwald Gallery, a prestigious commercial gallery in Toronto and participated in an important exhibit of Quebec painting at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). At 22 years of age he was given his first one-man exhibition at Grunwald and received much critical acclaim and commercial success. Subsequent to several other exhibitions John's work became nationally recognized and collected by several museums across Canada, namely: Musée d'art contemporain du Quebec (Montreal), Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa), Musée du Québec (Québec), MOCCA (Toronto), Nickel Arts Museum (Calgary).

For the past 25 years John has been living and working in Wakefield, Quebec where he maintains his full-time art practice. Of his paintings, John says: "My paintings are inspired, influenced and shaped through my experience of places, people and things in my life. I work with the belief that what is most personal is also most universal. My perception is that our vulnerability, our deepest innermost thoughts and feelings of the world around us can be common and shared."

Photo of John F Marok