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Item #: dl0086

Wine Country

Mixed Media on Wood, 36" x 36", Unframed

Price:   $  2,200.00


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Biography - Denise Landriault

Denise was born in North Bay Ontario and moved to Ottawa when she was 5. She was born an artist and it has been her life long journey to create. Her education began with classes at the National Gallery of Canada and took extensive art classes at the High School of Commerce where she Graduated at the top of her class as the student most likely to succeed. Denise continued on to study Illustration at Sheridan College and then spent the next 4 years at Ottawa U in the Fine Arts Program where she majored in drawing, painting and print making.

Her professional career began soon after that when she shared a studio with Evergon. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries and craft shows. Most notably Denise was chosen to be part of the inaugural show of the Vancouver Museum of Craft which traveled throughout Asia the United States and Canada.She was an invited artist for an exhibition called Master Toy makers of Canada in Scottsdale Arizona.Her work has also been shown at The Museum of Nature and the Museum of History.

"With an eye for beauty, my work is a reflection of my life,to tell stories of magical places born from close observation and a deep connection to all living things. Forms such as flowers, pods branches to name but a few co mingle with vibrant color and delicate details. I have a spontaneous and intuitive approach to the way I paint . I remain free in my thoughts to create sensitive, beautiful and delicate works of art."- Denise

Photo of Denise Landriault